Learn from world-class ADR practitioners.

We are not full time educators, but full-time, professional dispute resolution practitioners, with more than 20 years of experience achieved in five continents. Our training programs can help lawyers, executives and other professionals, as well as organizations to build their dispute resolution capacity, and enhance their career, through custom-made, negotiation, mediation and conflict management programs.

Highly intensive and interactive, the training programs developed by ADR Center Academy will top up your negotiation, mediation skills and ADR competences in line with the highest international standards.

Our training methodology in mediation techniques is based on the proven ADR Center’s four by four matrix developed to facilitate the transfer of know-how to mediators over the four main phases of mediation (preparation, opening joint session, private sessions and closing session). For each phase, the trainer will illustrate goals, agenda and tactics.

You’ll learn from world-class ADR practitioners who are providing mediation services on a daily basis. All our trainers implement the “4 STEPS” teaching method, developed by ADR Center to offer participants the opportunity to learn, in a quick and stimulating way, by offering immediate practice exercises and one-on-one feedback.

At the successful completion of our programs, you will receive the ADR Center International Mediation Accreditation and will be recognized by potential users as holders of standards of excellence.

Why ADR Center Academy?

  • Get the ADR Center International Accreditation for Mediators and Trainers to be recognized publicly as a competent ADR professional.

  • A training faculty of full-time ADR practitioners who can share their day-by-day experience in solving disputes.

  • An accessible and flexible platform for blended courses with a variety of live and asynchronous materials.

  • Get access to a comprehensive library of videos, presentations, manuals and other materials needed for ADR professionals.

  • Join a global community of experienced practitioners in order to learn and develop.

  • Access a variety of courses related to different aspects of the field of ADR.

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