Course curriculum

  • 1

    Study tour agenda

    • ADR Center Agenda for TAF Study Tour in NYC v2021-07-19

  • 2

    Monday, July 12th 2021

    • Jack Cambria - ADR Webinar Presentation 7-12-21

  • 3

    Tuesday, July 13th 2021

    • JAMS history and learnings (PK-NY Study tour - Tue Jul 13 2021)

    • Victor Voloshin NIH Ombudsman (PK-NY Study tour - Tue Jul 13 2021)

    • Introduction to the Ombudsman Office for UN Funds and Programmes

    • Compliance Advisor Ombudsman (CAO), Independent Accountability Mechanism for IFC and MIGA, members of the World Bank Group

    • Teaching ADR and Mediation To Law Students

    • International Mediation Institute, Professional Mediation Worldwide

    • References shared by Donna Erez, Assistant Director of the Kukin Program for Conflict Resolution at Cardozo Law School

  • 4

    Wednesday, July 14th 2021

    • Anne Claire CAO (PK-NY Study tour - Wed Jul 14 2021)

    • Deborah Masucci (PK-NY Study tour - Wed Jul 14 2021)

  • 5

    Thursday, July 15th 2021

    • David Thaler and Pete Swanson FMCS (PK-NY Study tour - Thu Jul 15 2021)

  • 6

    Friday, July 16th 2021

    • Red Hook Community Center (PK-NY Study tour - Fri Jul 16 2021)

    • Ellen Bass WIF (PK-NY Study tour - Fri Jul 16 2021)

    • Victor Voloshin DR System Design (PK-NY Study tour - Fri Jul 16 2021)

  • 7

    Tuesday, July 20th 2021

    • Court’s Local Rule 9019-1, establishing the court-annexed mediation program at the Brooklyn's Bankruptcy Court (from Judge Stong)

    • Example of a mediation referral order, including a proposed form of stipulation for use by the parties (from Judge Stong)

    • Example of a case management pretrial order, including a question for the parties about whether they believe that referral to this Court’s mediation program would be of assistance (from Judge Stong)

    • Bankruptcy Court’s statement of support for Mediation Settlement Day, a regional and even national event that was begun in 2001 or so in an effort to raise awareness about mediation across a broad range of groups and stakeholders (from Judge Stong)

    • Article that judge Stong wrote more than 20 years ago as a lawyer about the use of ADR in business disputes - the topic remains both interesting and important

  • 8

    Evaluations and next steps

    • Feedback for the Advanced Mediation Study Tour in New York City [July 12 - 20 2021]